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TOP 100

1.  JWRV is Nevada's #1, by volume, seller of New and Used RVs. We sell more than anyone else in town 

2.  We have the experience to help you, fifty years in fact! 

3. Very easy access to our locations, right off the 93/95(I515) freeway.

4. We offer a welcoming, friendly atmosphere at all three locations. We do not use any high pressure sales tactics; we want you to feel comfortable with your experience with us so we can keep you coming back! 

5. All of our employees, across the board (RV Sales / RV Service / RV Parts) have been here long term; 10, 15, 20, even 43years. That says something. Customers come back and see the same faces they have seen for over twenty years. Very low employee turnover.

6. Between our three locations, we have an unbeatable selection of years, floorplans, and RV types to choose from (travel trailer, fifth wheel, Class A motorhome, Class C motorhome, toyhauler, etc.) Generally we have over 190 RVs in stock at anytime.  

7. The coffee pot is always on. We welcome our customer to come stop in when passing through Vegas just to say hello and sit down for a cup of coffee with us.

8. Johnnie Walker's has the best factory trained RV techs in Las Vegas.

9.V.I.P.Johnnie Walker RV Service, we strive to minimize your downtime as much as possible when your RV is in for service; we also try and make special arrangements for you when you are in a pinch (day before trip!)

10. The Camp With Us Guarantee, We stand behind our products and welcome you to stay in one of our furnished overnight spots, we do not just sell and kick you off the curb after sale like some dealers.

11. JWRV owners are on site, our managers are driven to make you the best deal.

12. Units often bought at special pricespossible b/c of bulk ordering or purchased from a recently closed dealership 

13. Giant inventory with the top selling RV Manufacturer. models at our 3 locations.

14. We employee over 75 full-time employees. Over 40 of whom are committed to the Servicing of your RV

15. Employees that Play Together Stay Together. We genuinely are a family here at JWRV. Come see for yourself. I challenge you to go around our three stores and find a single employee with a bad attitude!

16. Family not corporate (Four generations of Walkers have been/are involved in business)

17. Oversize service drives for easy access to bring in your RV for repair. 

18.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

19. We were featured on Animal Planets #1 Show Tanked in 2013, and currently have a trailer retro-fitted with a 370 gal salt water aquarium in our showroom.

20. We were featured on A&Es reality show Barter Kings in which we traded a motorhome for a limo.

21. We practice "old school" business philosophy, treat the customer right and he or she will keep coming back.

22. We are Nevadas Oldest RV Dealer. Over 50 other Las Vegas RV Dealers have come and gone through the years. We have lasted the test of time. 

23. We are a 100% debt free company. We have the buying power to get you the best deal, no bank flooring or interest payment.

24. We are very competitive with our pricing.

25. The best products from the best RV manufacturers (financially stable, customer service mindset)

26. One of the Best service reputations in the West; we have customers that do business with us from all over the country, and even customers from all over the world.

27. We genuinely are concerned for the safety of our customers. We will always recommend to you the best fit as far as hitch class / sway control / brake control.

28. We do all of our hitch work on-site, and do not sublet it out like some other dealers. Our hitch master Alan Francis has many years experience installing all types of hitches, and is great at explaining how they operate. 

3 locations on Boulder Hwy within a 4 mile radius. Browse all of our inventory without having to make it an all day affair. 

30. Our Outlet location offers great budget deals on previously enjoyed RVs, and also offers RV consignments.

31. We offer a 30-day guarantee for major RV appliances on all of our previously owned RVs seven years or newer. (many RV dealers only guarantee on delivery or strictly As-Is)

32. JWRV is one of the largest RV buyers in town. We can help you sell your trade, or offer you a cash price for it.

33. We have country music playing over the intercom for your listening pleasure as you make your way around the dealership

34.  We have sales and service reps with GIGANTIC personalities

35. Hablamos Espanol -- We are bilingual and have Spanish speaking reps at all three locations

36.  We have one of the quickest turnaround times in service. (often without appointment) We take pride in the cleanliness of our service bays and facilities.

38. We have 22 service bays between our two JWRV locations, and we employee 18 full-time RV technicians

39. We are constantly maintaining/renovating our facilities to enhance customer sales and service experience with JWRV.

40. Our center location offers a climate controlled indoor showroom to view our products without having to brave the summer heat / Winter chill.

41.  Snowbirds from all over the USA do business with JWRVS.  Come shake the owners hand.

43. Johnnie Walker Sr. still comes in daily to give everyone the pep talk of the day, you might catch him on your visit here.

44. Very resourceful  website with 20+ pictures and descriptions of every new and used unit in stock [jwrv.com]

45. Johnnie Walker RV has a presence on Youtube with RV video walkthroughs, RV tips and tricks, and more.

46. Our staff is trained and willing to produce a personalized video walkthrough for you on any unit in stock if you are not able to make it in to one of our stores, or if you are from out of state. We are a full disclosure dealership and want to make sure you know what you are buying.

47. JWRV takes pride in excellent communication with our customers. You can contact JWRV24/7 with your Sales/Service request via our website and / or email address.
[JWRV.com /
jwrvlv@gmail.com] We will respond to your request as promptly as possible. Not the typical 8AM-5PM limitation like many

48. JWRV hosts several promotions throughout the year including a Happy Camper Hunt giveaway, seasonal RV sales, BBQ days, and more fun activities.

49. We occasionally will go through our inventory and do a certain amount of aftermarket customization if we believe an installed LCD TV, a mirror, etc. would make the unit more sellable. We also do seasonal specials that include camping kits with dishes, chairs, flashlights, fishing poles, etc. with an RV purchase.

50. We are involved in the Las Vegas community, and participate in local events. 

51.  Over $500,000 worth of Parts Inventory in stock.  We have two Parts Store locations for your convenience.

53. We have long standing relationships with the major RV Industry parts distributors,and we can often have any SOP (Special Order Part) available within 24 hours.

54. Our Parts Director has been working in the RV Industry doing RV Parts for over 40 years; our Parts Manager for over 25 years

55. We service more RVs every month than all the other RV Dealers in town put together

56. We work hard to keep all of our units exceptionally clean inside and out, and decorated. Our full-time cleaning/detailing crew rocks.

57. Every single unit at all three locations has a price sign inside with the Retail Price, as well as a discounted Johnnie Walker RV price. The specific unit options are also listed on this sign.

58. Almost all of our units have access to a power source, so you can flip the switches,and try out the appliances before you buy (units are not sitting on a barren gravel lot like some dealers)

59.  Our Sales Department is open 7 DAYS A WEEK

60. Our RV Sales Reps are factory trained; we send them to the RV Manufacturer. Plants in Elkhart, Middlebury, Riverside California, etc to learn. They gain firsthand knowledge of the construction process, manufacturer history / background, personal relationships at factory.

61. Our employees actually go RVing themselves. One of the perks of working here is that you are permitted to use our pre-owned RVs to take your family out camping. You can be confident that we know what we are talking about as we camp ourselves!

62. Our Sales Managers at all three stores each have over 20 years experience in RV Sales. They know the products inside and out, not just how to crunch numbers. 

63.  Checkout our reputation online, customer service is #1

64. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service before, during, after, and long after the sale

65.  We strive to go above and beyond to make our customers happy

66. We offer a Fly and Drive program in which we will help make your out of state RV purchase as smooth as possible. We will shuttle our customers from the airport to come and stay in our on-site campground.

67. We offer local RV delivery and set-up to our customers within 50mi of Las Vegas.We also can help assist in the delivery of units to further distances.

68. A large portion of our business is made up of previous customers, and referral business.

69. We have several sets of customers whom have bought over eight RVs from JWRV, and whom will not venture elsewhere. We work hard to earn not only your business, but the business of future generations in your family.

70. Over the years we have had several multi-generational families working for our company
The Arnolds (father and son) Doug and Ben
The Stevens (father and son) Dave, Brad, and Ashleigh  / 
Vince and Cindy Burger (husband and wife) /
Rod and Kathy (husband and wife) /
The Vanhoose brothers Mark and Steve  / 
Pam and Dustin (mother and son)
Chase and Cole (brothers)
The Worthams LeeAnn, Jeannette, and Lajan / 
and of course the Walkers; Shelly, Darcy, West, Michael, Johnnie, Walker, Chasen

71. Two service centers with different purposes. One for customer delivery (first 30days after purchase) / one for all other service. (after 30 days from purchase)

72. Our service department is open on Saturdays from 8AM-12PM for customer convenience.(Not the typical Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM dealer)

73. We have two RV Warranty work Specialists on-site to make sure your RV warranty work is processed and handled timely and professionally. 

74. We recently constructed an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant Paint Booth that is capable of doing any type of body job an RV up to 50ft long.

75. Our body shop rep has been with JWRV for over twenty years and his work is second to none.

76. We have long standing relationships with both sales and service contacts on the RV Manufacturer side. We have pull to make sure you are taken care of.

77. We have close/long standing relationships with the RV finance lenders to get you the best rate / likelihood for approval

78. We offer extended warrantys through Protective Services, (Xtra Ride) which is the only RV extended warranty that is specifically endorsed by the RVDA (RV Dealers Association)

79. Our F&I / Warranty rep LeeAnn has been with us for 25 years, and has created connections with the Nevada DMV for prompt title requests, registrations, and bank loan processing.

80. Our documentation fee is the lowest in town: $99.00 on all units. Dare to compare?

81. All JWRV RV buyers receive 15% discount in our Parts store for the first month after purchase, and then 10% discount for life.

82. We always give our RV purchasers a night or two free stay at a local RV park for their break-in trip. We also offer our customers a stay in one of our three company owned RV spots at Foothill RV Park in Parowan, UT. Just let us know your dates!

83. We offer our customer a free place to dump your holding tanks 7 days a week during business hours.

84. We specialize in first time RVers. We have the tools and experience to make you feel 100% comfortable before you hit the road on your first RV trip. We are always only a phone call away to help. 

85. All RVs sold (other than Handyman Specials) come with an RV starter kit (Trailer Pack) that includes everything you need to go on your first RV trip without issues.  (sewer sump hose, fresh water hose, 30A/120V adapter, water regulator, toilet chemical, etc.)

86. JWRV offers a competitive discounted price on LP gas (propane)

87. We have a Blue Healer mascot here everyday Reagan who is in charge of customer relations

88. All units (other than Handyman Specials) go through a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)to ensure that your RV will be in tip-top shape to go and have some fun.

89. All units (other than Handyman Specials) come with an in-depth customer schooling where a JWRV technician goes through the RV with you and teaches you how everything operates (at your pace)

90. We have eight full-hookup campsites at our RV delivery location. Come stay the night in your new RV, we will be here in the morning in case you need help, or forgot how something works. Plus we give you a key to our gate so you can come and go as you please.

91. All extras (propane, batteries, etc.) included free w/ RV purchase.  (other than Handyman Specials)

92. We have a furnished Customer Rec. area in our Overnight Spot area featuring BBQs, plenty of tree cover, chairs, and even a horseshoe pit.

93. Over 400 years of combined experience with RVs in our Service Department alone. Over 900 years experience among our full-staff.

94. We have RVDA/RVIA Master certified technicians. We invest in in our employee ssuccess.

95. Our RV technicians are paid hourly, not flat rate. This means inventive for quality service, not rushed jobs. Our technicians take absolute pride in the work they complete on customer coaches.

96. Both of our Service Managers have over 30 Years (each) in RV Repair, all these years with Johnnie Walker RV.

97. Several of our management positions are held by employees who started with the company while in their teens sweeping the lots, cleaning the units. They have worked their way through the ranks and now help run the dealership (earned management positions by time served)

98. We very rarely hire from outside our network of employees. Most of our Sales/Service team were referred from within.

99. We have actually had several previous clients join the Johnnie Walker RV family as employees through the years.

100. Every employee at Johnnie Walkers has a genuine concern for JWRV customers; they strive to ensure that every person who has dealings with the dealership has an exceptional and memorable experience before, during, and after the sale.